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The voice of Shakti

“To Err is human
Man is born to make Mistake
from Ignorance to Enlightenment”

To the lovers of life desiring to share its full value, experience proves knowledge. Without it knowledge is meaningless.

To improve or change society, culture, government, environment and phases of life, we must look at the individual first, because he is the basis of the family, society, nation and macrocosmic universe.

We want to give a glimpse of how we can realise utopia and divinity on earth. We deal directly with the individual, to help him to experience the SUPREME ABSOLUTE TRUTH. Once his animalistic tendencies and ignorance are vanquished and eliminated, the improvement in his behavior and appearance operates spontaneously. During this cycle, the person starts feeling “MOTHER NATURE”, the Supreme Divinity, who encompasses him with unbounded love and bliss.

The individual can then unleash his full potential and make his personal contribution to his family, society, nation and macrocosmic universe. In such a state, hatred, jealousy, poverty, failure, possessiveness, division, ethnic discrimination and ignorance are redeemed into purity, prosperity, broader awareness and sharing of human and humane values.

Shri Jagad Guru Devanand Saraswati Chinnmasta blesses you all and wishes that you enjoy the experience. He wants you to hold cosmic responsibilities while enjoying your daily life.

We are enjoying an era of all possibilities. Once and for all, ignorance and weakness should disappear. Let us therefore create this blissful atmosphere so that whomsoever, Kalki the avatar, Medi the prophet or Christ the messiah, when He comes, He enjoys the wholeness of life.

Har Har Gurudev.